Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Major Euell T. White

We hope you're familiar with retired U.S. Army Major Euell T. White, but if you aren't, we would like to introduce you. Maj. White is a Florence native, and a brief synopsis of his life may be found at:

White is a frequent contributor to the TimesDaily editorial page and writes a blog that may be of interest to many:

Now White has written a book based on his experiences as a Green Beret advisor in Viet Nam. The Life of a Soldier is a must read for either military or local history buffs. It's for sale at several local outlets, or you may order it at:


Euell White
419 Lakeside Drive
Florence, Alabama 35630

The price of $25.00 includes shipping and handling.

What's up with this: It seems the State Director of the C.I.T.Y. program has announced it will be closing due to former staff filing employment appeals with the cash strapped agency. We're not sure if this is reflection on the education system in Alabama or the agency itself.