Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tammy (Irons), Tell Us True

We recently published a column on the discrepancy in Mike Curtis' and Tammy Irons' recent statements concerning their 2006 vote on the 62% legislative pay raise. At that time we asked both Curtis and Irons to comment, as well as to do a guest column on any subject they felt important to Shoals area voters.

Since that time we have not heard from either representative; however, one of our associates reports that Rep. Irons has again been speaking from both sides of her mouth. Irons is one of 23 co-sponsors of HB714, a bill that proposes to offer parole to certain felons convicted of Capital Murder and currently serving a sentence of Life Without Parole.

For those who are unfamiliar with Alabama legal jargon, Capital Murder in Alabama is the equivalent of First Degree Murder in most other states. Those convicted of Capital Murder are sentenced to either Life Without or Death. The jury and judge have spoken, and unless new evidence is introduced, the sentence should stand.

Apparently some elected officials in Montgomery feel that "warehousing" these individuals is costing the state a great deal of money. That may be, but Alabama being only one of seven states that sentence white collar criminals to prison is also costing the state a tidy sum and should certainly be addressed before the sentences of those convicted of murder.

Yes, the bill has 24 sponsors in all, including Sue Schmitz who was recently stripped of her office after a felony conviction. If we simply disagreed with Rep. Irons on this subject, it would be one thing, but according to at least one TimesDaily forum member, Rep. Irons has personally written to him stating she opposes HB714.

We doubt that Irons actually opposes a bill she helped introduce. We don't doubt that Tammy Irons is a politician and will say whatever she thinks her constituency wishes to hear.

What's up with this: Lynn Greer has privately stated he may run for Bobby Denton's State Senate Seat should Denton retire. Sen. Denton would serve his constituency best by announcing his intentions one way or the other.