Monday, April 27, 2009

Judy Says; Troy Remains Silent

Few Shoals area residents with functioning sight and hearing are unfamiliar with the Tommy Arthur case. While serving a murder sentence in a Decatur work release facility, Arthur met Judy Wicker, an unhappy Muscle Shoals housewife who wanted to be rid of her husband without losing any of the financial perks of her marriage. The Wicker/Arthur tale of love and lust has never remained out of the limelight for long periods, and has again reared its horn-rimmed head.

While testifying yet again against her former lover, Judy Wicker has told the TimesDaily of her fears while in Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Elmore County. She relates that her life was threatened while there, due to the connections Arthur had in the women's prison. Whether Tommy Arthur actually had connections at Tutwiler is beside the point; however, we doubt his low-life tough guy image projected that far south. Wicker does speak the truth when she says she served the majority of her sentence not in the facility designated for Alabama's female prisoners, but in a nearby county jail.

Sources with unimpeachable information in this case tell us that Judy Wicker met a nearby county sheriff while on a work detail outside the prison and insinuated herself into his company. It was not long before the two were a romantic item, and the sheriff used his influence to have her transferred to his jail.

It's sad that Judy's murdered husband Troy Wicker is unable to speak from beyond the grave. We would love to interview him.

What's up with this: It seems the city of Sheffield has declared war on storefront churches. Whether one agrees with this decision or not, we salute Sheffield in attempting to bring its finances under control and to move the city forward.