Friday, April 24, 2009

Notes, Quotes, & Questions


* Jack's Hamburgers has moved the opening of their new Florence Boulevard store to May 20th. Management wants to inform the public that the side entrance on Glendale Avenue is now closed and lighting in the parking lot has been temporarily disconnected. They regret any inconvenience.

* Rick's Barbecue and Country Store at Elgin Crossroads is now open. Management invites everyone to visit their first Alabama Country Store location.

* Tammy McGuire has contacted us concerning our article on Keith McGuire. Mrs. McGuire is a native of Waynesboro, Tennessee, and not Greenhill as we stated. The McGuire rape trial will be held July 20th.


Winston County political humorist and pundit King A. Cockfight on Roger Bedford -
Roger is a white candidate, and that doesn’t scare people as much.

* Possible gubernatorial candidate Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb on what made her consider the race - “things that make Roger Bedford, for God’s sake, think he has a chance to win.”


* "Who is the artist that did the Shoals artwork?"
We ourselves would love to know the answer to that in order to give him or her proper credit. We downloaded the work from an eBay auction site that described the piece only as album art for the Drive-By Truckers. If anyone does know the name of the artist, please contact us.

* "Why are some links direct and some copy & paste?"
We originally used Internet Explorer as our browser of choice; IE creates direct or clickable links. Later we changed to Firefox which creates copy & paste links. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

What's up with this: If you aren't familiar with the King Cockfight blog, you've been missing a great deal of regional humor. Here's a link to the blog, but please be advised it carries an "R" rating.