Sunday, April 26, 2009

May Day and First Fridays Converge

Few of the lesser holidays bespeak our British heritage like May Day. Children in the South still make May baskets for their mothers and dance around May Poles (even if every year there's one ne'er-do-well who insists upon dancing in the opposite direction from his schoolmates). We wouldn't even be surprised to see the appearance of Hawthorne wreaths upon local doors. After all, on May 1st, many of us proclaim our Druid ancestry as vocally an an Irishman on March 17th.

This year May Day falls on Friday, making it even more special. This will be the second First Friday of the year (the events are not held in January, February, or March) and what better way to start the month than with food, art, and song. If you're looking for pottery (pictured above), paintings, or just some delicious food and entertainment, meet us next Friday at 5:00 p.m. on Court Street. If it should be your first time, we can promise you it won't be your last.

What's up with this: While downtown, check out the UNA-themed TimesDaily vending machines. Why is the rest of the area deprived of this purple and gold artistic touch?