Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeff Dowdy - Local Hero

Did you know Jeff Dowdy at Waterloo High School? Perhaps you knew him at UNA? No, then how about working in men's wear at Rogers' Department Store downtown? Or maybe in the accounting department at the old Martin Industries on Tennessee Street? Or was it Wood Avenue Church of Christ?

If you did know Jeff any of those places, we're pretty sure you were surprised when he actually did join the FBI. You were also probably surprised when he made it through Quantico. Why? Well, Jeff was always...just a little bit...crazy. Yes, that's the word. Jeff was a wild and crazy guy.

Now, Jeff Dowdy is a genuine hero. Maturity sneaks up on all of us, and judging by the grey in Jeff's hair, he is no exception. Congratulations, Jeff. We're proud to have known you way back when.

What's up with this: It seems an inmate escaped from the Lauderdale Work Release Center early Thursday morning--no "joking" matter.