Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Word from Morris Lentz

The following is a letter we received from Morris Lentz, recently injured Rogersville firefighter. We are publishing it in its entirety, but we do take exception to one statement; Mr. Lentz is a hero whether he wishes to claim the title or not. Also, we have not previously mentioned those who saved Morris on that calamitous night. They also are true heroes.

I want to thank you so much for the kind words in your blog. Although I am flattered that I was referred to as a "Hero", the true Hero's are the many volunteer firefighters that risk their lives each and every day here in Lauderdale County. If it were not for my fellow hero's, I would not be alive today. My brothers rescued me from under the wall and immediately began advanced life support including getting me on a helicopter to Huntsville Hospital. I cannot express how lucky we are in this county to have Lauderdale EMS on duty. They sent THREE paramedics to the scene within minutes to start working on me. So my hero's are the paramedics and firefighters that saved my life. I can honestly say I have saved several lives in my firefighting career but this time I was on the "other side" and saw first hand what we (or may I say "I") do on a daily basis.

While trapped under the wall I could not breath or scream............only pray. I prayed very hard. a couple of seconds before I was about to give up I heard my brothers (firefighters) talking to me and taking care of me. These were my hero's.

I suffered a broken left leg (tib-fib) fracture, fracture of the right foot, broken pelvis (both left and right), 11 broken ribs, broken back, collapsed lung and a concussion. As I am speaking to you my leg is healing (I have a permanent rod and screws in my left leg). I also had a complete spinal fusion including two rods and 8 screws permanently inserted in my back. I am currently in therapy and just learning to walk again.

Make no mistake. I will be back proudly serving my community as a volunteer firefighter as soon as I recover. This year will mark 26 years in the fire service for me of which I am very proud. I plan on serving many more as soon as I am released from the doctors for duty.

Again...........THANK YOU for your blog and posts. And a big thanks to the hundreds of well wishers who have flooded my mailbox with cards and those who have brought food and monetary funds for my benefit. Lauderdale County is the best place to live and raise a family. Lauderdale County and Rogersville will be my home forever.

Thank you so much - I attached a pic taken by one of my friends shortly after I was placed in a room.

Morris T. Lentz
Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department, Lt.