Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Recent Feedback

Two recent columns brought a great deal of feedback, both positive and negative. We hope we can address the negative responses and clear up any misconceptions.

While most of the e-mails we received concerning our Roger Bedford blogs was positive, some asked why we opposed having a governor from North Alabama. Let us assure our readers that, human nature being what it is, we would love to have a governor from this area; however, we would prefer an honest politician from Dothan to a less than honest candidate from Russellville.

Similarly, while most contacting us were appreciative of our column on Bank Independent's new debit card promotion, one reader expressed two concerns. He especially took umbrage to the use of the word "scam" concerning overdraft fees. As we stated in the original blog, this was a word used in several sites concerning the check payment order reversal that is widely taking place in today's banking institutions. Here is a link to one site that is especially informative:

This reader also asked if we quoted actual Bank Independent rates for debit and credit card purchases. As stated, the amounts mentioned were current average banking charges. It should also be noted that banks may charge different customers varying rates.

For instance, a small bookstore taking in $100.00 in daily charges might be billed 3.25% on its transactions, while the mini-mart next door would be charged 3.00% on receipts of $1,000.00. The jewelry store a few blocks away would receive a rate of 2.75% for its $10,000.00 in daily credit purchases.

We hope this clears up any misconceptions on these two columns and, as always, appreciate your feedback.

What's up with this: Some students at Rogers High School in Greenhill have contacted us about promoting a memorial for slain classmate Chelsie Garner; we will have more on this later and welcome reader suggestions.