Sunday, July 10, 2016

Muscle Shoals at its Best

From the Midnight Rider:

Ahh, yes, the City of Muscle Shoals. As you know by reading this site, it appears that the City Leaders make it up as they go along. Some things that have come to my attention and I have remembered from the past.

-The Police provide Traffic Control at “one certain church.” I was told this but didn’t believe it. So, I figured I would see for myself. Yep, it’s true. What is amazing is that this church is the one that most of the elected City Officials and “Big-Wigs” go. I wonder if the Nitrate City Police Department will divert traffic for us at the First United Assembly of Baptist Church next Sunday.

-“Common People” are not allowed to walk at the New, Improved, Updated Muscle Shoals School Stadium. What? Didn’t our tax dollars pay for this? I bet if they had Muskrat problems at the Stadium they would let “Common People” come in to get rid of the problem.

-Job exchange and run- ins with the law. This was so confusing that I am going to have to map this out on paper to keep it straight. Teachers having relationships. Coaches getting arrested for Domestic Violence. Moving a teacher to another job in the same school system, is that a lateral move or a demotion? Sounds like the “Good ole Boy (or girl) system to me.”

-Turtle Target Practice out on Gnat Pond Road years ago. I am not even going to get started on that one.

It’s election time people, make your vote count.

Qualifying Starts

Qualifying recently opened for Municipal elections. The Times Daily ran article in Sunday’s Paper with those that have already qualified. It was sad to see that some are running unopposed. We know that it has only been a weeks’ time but qualifying ends July 19. Some Towns don’t even have anyone qualified. Remember people you cannot complain about how your Town or City is being run unless you step up and try.

Until next time, I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.

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