Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Truly Cigars & Kurt M. Wilson

We have previously mentioned the Florence business Truly Cigars only once before--when it opened in August 2009. On Monday, the owner of the cigar bar Kurt M. Wilson gave an interview to WAAY concerning the recent indictments of two of his regular customers. While we don’t believe Wilson was directly involved with the sensational human trafficking case, his thrusting his business into the public realm does allow us to address some of these rumors with facts…and more questions.

Kurt Wilson of Georgia

First, WAAY referred to Wilson as a “Shoals businessman.” While Wilson does own a business in the Shoals, he is from Huntsville and now resides in Roswell, Georgia, close to his first cigar bar in Marietta.

Second, Wilson stated in the television interview that no law enforcement officials had contacted “them” about the three. This is interesting since one of the most prevalent rumors involved the subpoenaing of video from the cigar bar.

If it wasn’t subpoenaed, then an employee has been very free in distributing stills from the surveillance video. We’ve been sent these photos by many readers; we chose not to publish them since they involved others besides Dillard and Mitchell and they in themselves proved nothing new about the case.

Wilson went on to say that no one at the bar had seen any untoward behavior from either members Dillard and Mitchell or visitor Staggs. We doubt this rules out certain behaviors since it might be almost impossible for a few employees to police large events.

What kind of events does the cigar bar have? It seems members, at various levels, hold private events at the bar. There are also some interesting promotions at this “honorable” establishment.

Maybe She's Checking to See if She Forgot her Knickers?

Perhaps these cigar bars are deemed honorable in some circles because Wilson wears French cuffs?

Editor's Note: Definition of a "Vixen": A spiteful of quarrelsome woman. (Couldn't customers get one of these at home?)


July is not yet half over and we have seven new grand jury charges against Chip Dillard. What may the second half of the month bring?

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