Sunday, July 31, 2016

Did Chip Dillard Have Accomplice(s) in Drug Smuggling?

From a reader:

I know Chip Dillard sold pills to two inmates. XXX and XXX were his clients and they then sold these pills to other inmates in work release. I was there last year. These guys decided they could blackmail Dillard and he let them go as clients. He may not be the only one doing it but he was the only one I knew about.

If true, and we don’t doubt that it is, it’s very interesting, but the state will probably never prosecute Dillard for these alleged crimes. It would mean separate preparation for a trial (Dillard’s human trafficking case is being handled by the attorney general’s office), and if convicted, Dillard would be serving a concurrent sentence. In other words, the state/county would gain nothing from prosecuting this case, but would lose financially.

We have previously heard from well-placed sources that Dillard was being blackmailed by some of the women who will be testifying against him in the human trafficking case. We have to ask why, if true, he was seemingly much more afraid of these women than the two druggies who attempted the same thing?


From a Rogersville reader:

The Rogersville Police Department actually consists of five full-time officers (including Chief Holden), plus a reserve force. (I know that the 'two officers ' info came from a reader.) Also: Richard Herston's challenger's last name is spelled 'Hagood' -- James Hagood. (The Times Daily misspelled it 'Haygood' when they listed all local municipal candidates.) Councilman Hagood may be on the council's police committee; he may even be the chairman. (I'm not sure if the council's committees in fact have chairpersons, in fact or de facto). Still, I don't know that I would say the police chief 'reports' to the committee. (The council's committees act as liasons and provide oversight, certainly.)

Apologies to Mr. Hagood for misspelling his name. We indeed remember when Hagood accused current mayor Richard Herston of stealing his political signs in a previous campaign.

Perhaps the term “honest politician” is an oxymoron, but are there no persons with integrity to step up to serve the town of Rogersville?


  1. James Hagood costs the town of Rogersville a lot of money in legal fees with his false accusations of sign stealing. The judge threw out the case.

    1. The case was heard in Lauderdale Circuit court as we recall; how did it cost Rogersville money, other than for some forms filled out by officers. Futher, more than one person was accused of stealing Hagood signs. We do not believe the person accused did intentionally steal signs, but it does seem that others did. Richard Herston's actions concerning the drag race debacle prove how duplicitous he is.

  2. See Morris Lentz vs Town of Rogersville CV-12-900304 in In Circuit COURT Lauderdale Co Oct 30, 2012. Testimony Unbelievable!! Perjury Obvious!!!

  3. Try one more time!! Rogersville NEEDS A Fellowship Hall! Question: Should the TOWN spend $250-300,000 on A SPLASH_PAD that's only used 3 months a year or a MEETING PLACE for EVERYONE all YEAR!!