Friday, July 29, 2016

Did You Hear the One about the Drive-By Truckers?

This blog isn’t about gun control; it’s about censorship—something that should make us all shudder. If you’re not familiar with Shoalanda’s personal stance on gun laws, we’re a moderate. That means both the right and the left hate us. The right will quickly call us a blankety blank liberal, while the left will call us a redneck hooligan. We also know that at least two who blog here regularly stand much more firmly to the right on gun control issues, and we’re always happy to give them or anyone else a stage from which to present their ideas.

This past year, our local newspaper (known as the TotallyDecatur) was presented with a new editor. He’s made some changes, both for the better and the worse as we see it. Perhaps what we’re considering censorship is nothing more than another direction the TD is taking in regards to local icons.

For those not of a musical bent, the Drive-By Truckers (DBT for short) is a band with local roots that moved to the Athens, Georgia, area several years ago. Lead singer Patterson Hood is the son of David Hood; the elder Hood is sometimes known as a Swamper and the frequent subject of Robert Palmer articles in the TD. In brief, like Ron Burgundy, the DBT is something of a big deal around here.

They were certainly a big deal last Tuesday when the band opened for Keisha at a benefit just blocks away from where the Democratic convention was being held. The recipient of the benefit? Americans for Responsible Solutions.

If you’ve never heard of this group, we doubt that you’re alone. Also appearing at the benefit were Gabby Giffords and her ex-astronaut husband Mark Kelly. Perhaps now you’re getting the drift of what this organization is all about. Yes, gentle readers, the ARS seeks to curb gun sales in the U.S.

Whether you or I or anyone else agrees with this mission, those who do have a Constitutional right to lobby as they see fit. Both the DBT and Kesha have a right to support the organization in its mission.

The DBT performed for over an hour at the ARS benefit and debuted a large chunk of material from their new album. In short, the appearance made national news…just not here in the Shoals.

Was there a reason for this oversight? Comments always welcome.


Want to purchase An American Band, the DBT's latest album to be released in September? Here you go:


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