Monday, July 11, 2016

An Addendum to the Midnight Rider's Take on Muscle Shoals

Yesterday we published a blog by the Midnight Rider in which he mentioned various problems/situations in Muscle Shoals. Leslie M. Shoals has now sent us an extremely interesting take on much of what the Midnight Rider said.

MR: The Police provide Traffic Control at “one certain church.”

LMS: YES - Why don't they set up cones on the Wilson Dam far right northbound lane and let those worshipers leave the church by turning right out of the drive? INSTEAD - there are 6 lanes of traffic held up. At least this is what cities do that don't have a mayor and 4 city councilmen attending the church in question. Who pays the bill when a motorist has an accident as a result? Obviously the CITY since they have assumed the liability by having their vehicles out there and the officers are in MSC uniforms. THINK PEOPLE.

MR: “Common People” are not allowed to walk at the New, Improved, Updated Muscle Shoals School Stadium.

LMS: YES - You know Coach Lindsey said Insurance regulations. THINK PEOPLE - Playgrounds at the schools are not fenced and locked down. What if a child dangling from the monkey bars falls and breaks a neck - forever a paraplegic? YES - YOU the taxpayer WILL pay since Coach Lindsey said MSCS is liable for the safety of anyone on the school's properties. The 10 million+ facility is only for those who will bow down to the hierarchy. ALTHOUGH, a child's birthday party was held in the athletic facility as well as photographic sessions held there as well for individuals. It's all in the faMily

MR: Job exchange and run- ins with the law. 

LMS: YES and YES. And promote a principal to the central office - a secretarial position. He will now be working with the old girlfriend who was demoted/punished/moved to the same building with the scorned wife. LOVELY plan Coach Lindsey. That should be a formula for a new height in "cat fights". Now the younger children will get an eye full. They are the ones that will suffer in this.


MR: It’s election time people, make your vote count.

LMS: WHAT ABOUT TERRY McMINN, selected by the City Council to fill the late Jim Holland's seat on the city council.

Times Daily / March 22, 2016:

MUSCLE SHOALS — Muscle Shoals resident Terry McMinn was selected by the City Council to fill the Place 4 council seat. McMinn will serve the remainder of Jim Holland’s term. Holland died Feb. 19 after serving nearly 24 years on the City Council. He was 82. Councilman Joe Pampinto nominated McMinn for the position and said it would be fitting to have McMinn complete Holland’s term because the men are both “of the same temperament, honest, good.”

The council had 60 days from Holland’s death to fill the seat or that responsibility would have fallen to the governor.McMinn will serve until the current term ends Nov. 6

Pampinto said McMinn does not plan to run for a full council term.

That was important to Muscle Shoals Mayor David Bradford.“I didn’t want it to appear we are backing anyone,” he said. “I’m glad we found some who is willing to fill the term and not run.”

Municipal elections are Aug. 23. Qualifying for municipal elections begins July 5.

The City Council did not receive applications or resumes or conduct interviews to fill the seat, and no other nominations were made.

“If there had been a year or longer remaining in the term we probably would have received resumes or had a special election,” Council President Allen Noles said.

TERRY McMINN agreed to those terms 3 1/2 months ago but quickly changed his mind to qualify for Place 1 on the MS City Council last week.

IS THIS WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM HIM TOO? He fits right in with the others up there - Lies and Smoke and Mirror politics.

BTW - the vote was unanimous for McMinn based on that agreement

Leslie M. Shoals


Leslie has indeed made an interesting point concerning Terry McMinn. If Mr. McMinn would contact us before our endorsements, we'll be happy to publish a rebuttal to this information indicating nefarious and misleading behavior on his part.


Did you ever think life isn't fair? A single man has only six hookers, but a married man has nine. Go figure. 

We'll be blogging on the differences, similarities, and possible connections of the Dillard and Tipper cases. Stay tuned...


  1. Shoalanda,

    Muscle Shoals has received a lot of negative press in recent months and deservedly so. It’s not too hard to see the reasons why. Growing up there in the 80’s, it was a community of around 8,000 people. The houses were small, the people that lived there were mostly blue collar hard working men and women that gave great effort just to get by. In the early 90’s the town began to grow due to land that could be developed and a school system that was becoming known for its academics. White collar professionals began building and larger homes went up along with the property values. Unfortunately, the egos went up, as well. The town lost its humility, it became vain, it became self-righteous, and over confident. The school system is a microcosm of the town it shares. I find it maddening that a coach can throw his wife into a coffee table like a coward and be on the side lines soon after. I find it maddening that a Principle can basically be fired for an affair with a coworker and be hired a month later at the same school system for $ 80,000. I’m a believer that grown-ups should reap what they sow and have consequences for their actions and the school system has failed in that respect.
    Finally, I would like to say something about Terry McMinn. You hear the cliché’s; He’s a good man, he will do a good job, blah, blah, blah. One thing I am % 100 sure about, you will not meet a better man than he. Terry is a man that never lost his humility; he is a man that EVERYONE respects because of it. He will not go along with everyone else because of what others believe but will make decisions based on his beliefs. I wish one of you knew him personally so you would know that which I speak. Terry McMinn is one of a kind and in a good way. All any of you have to do is ask the people of Muscle Shoals and after you do, write an article of what you glean. It will be positive, I guarantee it.

    Steven Monroe

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. We will be quoting part of it in a future article.