Sunday, July 3, 2016

Police Turnover Rate & Ho Dogs

Police Turnover Rate and Ho Dogs
By: The Midnight Rider
Recently we wrote an article for Shoalanda Speaks on the problem of the turnover rate of Police Officers. The article started with a news report from WHNT 19 News concerning the City of Madison, Alabama Police Department and Officer Turnover rate.
We had a reader that posted that the City of Russellville Police Department was having this problem also. We are still working on getting facts for this. We had mentioned the City of Sheffield Police and Fire Department having turnover issues. It has come to our attention that the Sheffield Police Department lost another Officer recently that had only been there since April. The conversation that we had that this was a veteran Officer that had left and then returned. So, why did he leave so soon?
We had a discussion with two friends of ours recently. Both have worked at Sheffield Police Department. They were there about 10 years apart. There was only 75 Cents per hour difference in the rate of pay for them. That is terrible. What about all this revenue the City of Sheffield is getting from the rebuilding of downtown that we keep reading about in the Times Daily? This is not just in the Police Department, I understand the Fire Department is losing Officers in an alarming rate. Is it money also?
Or, could it be the Rank Structure at both Departments. We are not an expert at Rank Structures but we thought the Chief of Police is supposed to be in charge of the Police Department. But Sheffield has the Fire Chief, who is in charge of the Fire Department, and also over the Police Department as some type of Director. That tells me one of two things. Either the Fire Department Chief should not be a full time job or someone doesn’t trust the Police Chief. That has to contribute to the morale of the Officers working there.
Okay, maybe we are wrong. So, we get on the Internet and check. Tuscumbia Police Department and Fire Department, two separate Chiefs, no Director. But they do have Muskrats. Muscle Shoals Police Department and Fire Department, two separate Chiefs, no Director. Hmm, Florence Police Department and Fire Department, two Chiefs, no Director. I even went further, Russellville Police Department and Fire Department, two Chiefs, no Director.
Ok, I did find that Huntsville, AL has A Police Chief and a Fire Chief plus a Director but it is three different people. So, how does Sheffield, AL with a population of 9,109 (give or take) need a Director like Huntsville, AL with a population of 180,105. We also saw while getting this information that the population of Sheffield has declined each year since 1993.
Hopefully with the coming elections, we can stop some of this turnover.
Ho Dogs
Last week, the following picture was taken at the Jack’s Restaurant located at 1105 S. Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield, AL. We didn’t know this was an option on the menu but not only is it on the menu but on sale as well.
It is the City of Sheffield.

Until next time, I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider...


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