Thursday, July 28, 2016

Katrina P. Simmons/Dee Ann Barton

From Kaytrina P. Simmons:


I am Kaytrina P. Simmons a life-long resident and citizen of Florence, with deep rooted family values. I am not a politician but a mother, sister, friend and neighbor who cares about this great City and the people who reside and work here.  I believe good neighborhoods make a great city. I currently serve and I am very active on various boards in the community.

I have a heart for ALL people. I am honest, hard-working, goal driven, positive, result oriented, a team player, vocal, dedicated, dependable, determined, have integrity and spiritual.

The time is NOW!  Elect Kaytrina P. Simmons to the City Council for District 1 in the City of Florence. The election is August 23, 2016 and I would appreciate your prayers and support.
My mission is to serve and be a voice for District 1 and “all citizens in the City of Florence.”
Many of you have expressed your desire for change in the district.  I will advocate on your behalf for that change.
My Commitment to District 1 and the City of Florence:
I will work to see District 1 revitalized, energized, beautified, and work to bring economic growth.
I will work to make District 1 appealing to anyone wishing to visit the area. (Cleaning up the District)
I will work with the City to move forward and keep citizens informed of the bridge’s progress. (To open up West Florence)
I will focus on over grown brush, old houses, and dilapidated buildings being corrected.
I will continue to work with the organizations regarding our homeless population.
I will give support to our Seniors and our Youth. (Our Seniors paved the way, our Youth is our future.)
I will look into issues of illegally parked vehicles and cluttered streets.
I will look into areas with low flood zones in North Florence area and Street Scape.
I will support organized labor unions, as I am a former member of the Labor Local 366.
I will fully support our Veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and those who protect us daily by creating a trusting bond between them and the citizens.
I will be very visible and reachable to listen to the needs and concerns, and will work diligently to find a solution.
I will work with City Officials to enhance Economic Growth with better paying jobs.
I will work with the City Officials to encourage them to move forward with the Animal Shelter.

Kaytrina P. Simmons is currently employed as a Staffing Manager with Snelling Staffing and works part-time with Trinity Memorial Funeral Home.  She is a graduate of Central High School, Florence, Alabama and attended Faulkner University. She has one daughter, Alexis, who attends Florence High School.  They are both active members of Galilee M.B. Church in Florence, under the leadership of Pastor Craig B. Scott.  She participates in church ministries.  Kaytrina’s Community Involvement:  City of Florence Ambassador  Shoals Chamber Member - serves as an Ambassador  SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) (Committees-Membership, Program, Conference, College, Legislative)  Board Member-Big Brothers Big Sister of the Shoals, Inc.  Board Member-CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) FOR CHILDREN  Board Member Homeless Care Council of NW Alabama, Inc.   Board Member-American Cancer Society Leadership Council  Member of the Event Leadership Team Committee-ACS Relay for Life  Relay for Life Team Captain “WE ARE FAMILY”  Florence High School Band Booster Member  Volunteer: Room in the Inn Shoals  Radio Personality for Trinity Memorial Funeral Home (WZZA Broadcasting) Honored Recipient 2016 Excellence in Helping to seek a Cure for 2015-American Cancer Society Honored Recipient in 2015 Excellent in Leadership Award Served as a past volunteer for Safe Place (Crisis Line) Kaytrina is a life-long resident of District 1 in the City of Florence, Alabama and is a candidate in the 2016 Municipal Elections for Florence City Council.  She hopes to put her experience, enthusiasm, and energy to work representing ALL citizens of District 1, and the City of Florence where she has a heart for the people. We must “EMPOWER IN ORDER TO IMPROVE.” NEW LEADERSHIP, NEW DIRECTION, NEW RESULTS!


We look forward to Yolanda Falk sending us her bio. Both Ms. Simmons and Ms. Falk are running against current Florence City Council member Dave Smith, a man who from all appearances has used his office to cause divisiveness in the city and to thwart real growth when possible. 

Needless to say, we will be endorsing either Ms. Simmons or Ms. Falk in the near future and welcome reader comments.


For your consideration...

Three Shoals residents are arrested for speeding. Speeder No. 1 is driving 17 miles over the limit while attempting to reach the hospital where a family member is extremely ill. Speeder No. 2 is admittedly going 10 miles over the limit, but was not paying attention in an area that was new to him. Speeder No. 3 is going 24 miles over the limit in a school zone and obviously couldn't care less. Should they all be treated equally?

So how about the women whose newborns test positive for drugs? Are they all equal? Wouldn't some of them benefit from an intervention rather than an arrest?

In other words, are our tax dollars spent wisely in arresting these women and placing them in the judicial system when a non-legal system DHR intervention might serve the purpose not only as well, but in a much better fashion? Especially since the law used to arrest these women was written to curb meth dealers who exposed their little darlings to the drug?


  1. It's a no brainer for District 1 voters! Who else has even bothered to campaign for the job!Just my opinion but if you aren't doing anything now what would you do if elected! Cudo's for Ms.Simmons your efforts prove to me that you are perfectly suited for the job!

  2. It's a no brainer for the voter's of District 1. I mean the only voice I've heard is that of Ms.Simmons! She clearly has a vision for District 1!I haven't heard much at all from any other candidate and that leaves me to believe I won't hear much from them if elected! Cudo's for Ms.Simmons she is clearly the one for District 1!

  3. I'm fully aware of all of Ms. Simmons attributes to community involvement. She truly has the biggest heart for people, and has helped others for many years. I had the opportunity to meet her on her campaign trial, by speaking with her I could tell the compassion she really has for the community. I think she would be a perfect fit for this job.

  4. I absolutely agree with Beenthere! Ms.Simmons has demonstrated her desire to serve District 1. The citizens of District 1 deserve an Honest and sincere representative and I believe she is the ONLY candidate that fits that bill! Dirty politics and endorsements from close friends won't work this time! The citizens of district 1 are ready for a change a change for the better!