Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lottery/Readers' Voices/Katie Logan

An Alabama lottery? It's amazing that those who tout the lottery for education will now revile it if the funds are used to help sick children. No, we've not endorsing the lottery, we're simply making an observation. We would love to hear from anyone who can rationalize that line of thinking.


From Readers:

* It's amusing that some of Rogersville's LEOs allegedly 'support' Haygood for mayor....especially since Haygood has been overheard in public stating that he didn't 'see a need' for Rogersville having a police department in the first place. Are residents of Rogersville willing to do without a police department? If Haygood is elected mayor they may very well have to.

* Richard Herston's double talk reminded me of what a wise man once told me. I asked him if a certain politician was a liar and he replied: Well, I wouldn't say he was a liar, but he's a politician, and all politician's lie.

* Rogersville DOESN'T HAVE a 'police commissioner'. They have a Chief or Police, Terry Holden....and TWO full-time officers. TWO. (Editor's note: While there is no titled job "Police Commissioner," the police department reports to Haygood in his current position of council member.)

* Yes, I have reported Jerry Don Crowden having a cell phone or something to access the net while in Holman prison. This is one of his latest posts: People need to get a life and. Please please let me have some tranquillity because if you cause any one in my circle any trouble you are going to wish like hell this snake would have bitten you. (Editor's note: To Jerry Don, those who have reported your cell phone usage very probably have a life and one of their mottoes is "If you see something illegal, say something." BTW, we believe you just committed the crime of Witness Intimidation.)


We've asked for platforms and have received several. Today we're publishing Katie Logan's. Katie is running for the Tuscumbia City Council.

I want to reemphasize my platform so readers who missed the first post can see it. First of all, I am a proud resident of District 1. I am also a proud business owner in downtown Tuscumbia, Basse Trading Company. I am a graduate of the University of North Alabama. I have over ten years experience in retail. I currently manage Austin's Shoes, and have done so for eight years. I have a tremendous understanding of what retail tax base can do for a city. 

Prior to my position at Austin's Shoes as manager, I was employed with the Lawrence County Industrial Development Board in Moulton, Alabama. Here I developed the skills and knowledge to showcase perspective businesses with all an area has to offer. I want to bring this same mindset to Tuscumbia to increase the tax base so we can in turn help the city grow. I know I only represent District 1, but my major goal is to work with the Mayor and council, as well as all city employees and departments, to make Tuscumbia is a business friendly city.

We have a rich history with Ivy Green, Deshler football, Spring Park and so many other treasures. We have a beautiful downtown, as well as a wonderful quality of life great schools and low crime. If given the opportunity to serve District 1 and the citizens of Tuscumbia, I will work every single day to make Tuscumbia a better place to work, live and raise a family.


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  1. I went to school with Jerry Don and he did have a half brother, but he's dead now. I think the woman who calls herself a sister is really a cousin. But, yes, I think JD is the one posting. He won't be out for years and years so I don't know how dangerous he is, but he's always been good at threats (used to threaten teachers), so he does need to be reported.

  2. Opie's girl, Just curious, but what do you mean by good at threats?

    1. Looking at that we don't know if it means good at making threats or good at carrying them out. Here's a link to an old blog about Jerry Don: