Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Marcel & Johnny Mack Do Ashville/Homan Ethics Complaint

Marcel's at the Grove Park Inn, or was. So was Johnny Mack. Neither Mr. Black nor Mr. Morrow nor any of their 13 other fellow legislators paid for this luxurious vacation; everything was paid for by the Alabama Lenders Association. Was it legal? Apparently so. Was it really ethical? We'll let our readers decide that. For the complete story along with some pics of the Grove Park Inn; here's the link:

For those who caught the parody of this blog's first line:

And speaking of Marcel: Is Marcel Black One of Us?


We have been asked to clarify an issue presented in the Midnight Rider's last blog. This is something we have addressed before:

Our main question is the legality of these off-duty officers using Muscle Shoals police cars. Is this wise? Is it legal? Does it open up a legal can of lawsuit worms?

However, we again wish to stress that these officers are all off-duty and not paid by the City of Muscle Shoals to patrol traffic at Highland Park Baptist Church.


An ethics complaint has been filed against Lauderdale Circuit Court Clerk Missy Homan (Hibbett). While we know the gist of the complaint, we do not yet have a copy of the document. As soon as we do, we will publish more information.

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