Monday, March 16, 2009

Is Marcel Black One of Us?

Does North Alabama need bingo? No matter your answer to that question, the point is obviously moot to State Rep. Marcel Black. Even though he represents this area he seems more interested in helping those who can help him.

We received much feedback from our column on Rep. Black, Democrat. Over 90% of it was negative. The little that was of a positive bent defended the good that he has done for this area and supporting the "small" 62% raise that Mr. Black voted yes to in 2007.

Various forums have recently been discussing Mr. Black, some of them offering incorrect information. Black indeed did redecorate his office at taxpayer expense immediately after his raise was enacted. The total of two bills from Bargainier Interiors was almost $8,000.00. Barganier is located on Zelda Road in Montgomery, and we're sure that any who have visited the Zelda Road area will attest to the fact there are no bargains to be located there.

For those who have an interest in how Marcel Black is spending the tax dollars for which you have presumably worked so hard, here's a link to the actual invoices for the much needed items Black purchased with your money:

How many of you plan to vote for Marcel Black in the next election? And pray tell, what's a cart wheel?

What's up with this: It seems the Lauderdale CITY program serves 33 individuals in comparison to Franklin's 30. Per capita, the Franklin program seems to be getting much more bang for its buck.