Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elizabeth Stockard Watts

Congratulations to Elizabeth Stockard Watts on her appointment as trustee for the University of North Alabama. Watts, 53, grew up in Florence and is currently employed by Sunbelt Golf, the management company for Robert Trent Jones Golf courses.

Watts' sister was the late Coby Stockard Brubaker, for whom Coby Hall was named. Obviously Watts has a personal interest in the university and will make its advancement a priority.

For too long, many trustees of our local university have placed meetings and other related activities on the back burner. Gov. Riley has made an excellent choice, and we wish Ms. Watts the best in her work with UNA.

What's up with this: Kudos to Sen. Bobby Denton for taking a stand on the Florence annexation of St. Florian property adjacent to Target. Tammy Irons and Mike Curtis should do likewise.