Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Judge Jimmy Sandlin & Ethics

Perhaps no column since the inception of this blog has generated as much feedback as the recent article on Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge Jimmy Sandlin. As stated in earlier columns, all judges will have routine detractors, but none more so than family court judges.

It seems that there is no middle ground in comments posted on the Courthouse Forum--Judge Sandlin's curve is a wide valley, rather than a bell. Perhaps that is indicative of these comments being totally subjective. How can any jurist be either the Lauderdale County version of Dudley Dooright or his antithesis Snidely Whiplash? So, where lies the truth?

One Florence citizen has such lack of faith in this family court judge that she has started a grass roots campaign demanding his resignation. For those who wish to join in this effort, the address is:

Coalition for Justice, Post Office Box 611, Florence, Alabama 35631

If indeed there are problems with this court and this judge, we suggest those with documented complaints contact the Alabama Ethics Commission:


Lauderdale County families deserve the best, whether it be Jimmy Sandlin or someone else. You the citizens and voters need to make your voices heard.

Congratulations to Gil Self upon his appointment as Lauderdale County Circuit Court Judge. We feel this is a step by Gov. Riley to raise the judicial bar in Lauderdale. We are also pleased that James Hall II will be running for county judicial office in the near future.