Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Decatur Daily?

It seems the TimesDaily is in financial trouble. This is not news to many. The subsidiary of the New York Times has been downsizing for months and its sale or demise has been speculated on in several venues. Now it's probable our local paper will be sold to the Decatur Daily.

If the TD should become part of the Sampson family stable, as the Moulton Advertiser did some years ago, what can we expect? If the TD has not been profitable for the New York Times, it will not be a money-maker for anyone else unless some changes are made.

What changes? Indeed, that is the question. Less local news? Perhaps fewer weekly editions? The Moulton Advertiser is not published seven days a week. Albeit, this Lawrence County news bearer reaches a much smaller audience than does our local TD, but in this economic downturn, who knows?

We here at Shoalanda Speaks have always suggested our readers rely to a large degree on the ShoalsInsider for breaking news, as well as for news not commonly reported in the print media. We have also advocated following local and state blogs for similar information.

This is the future, and apparently the future is here now.

What's up with this: On the very day a possible sale of the TimesDaily is announced, the building is evacuated due to strange chemical smells. It certainly does smell.