Sunday, March 29, 2009

FBI & Troy King to Investigate Local Family Courts

The following e-mail was forwarded to me from an extremely reliable source. It originated with a long-time critic of family courts/law in Alabama:

According to my sources, the FBI has finally agreed this morning to began an in depth investigation of the Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court and it's practices of NOT following the law and procedure as it relates to Divorce and Child Custody. Also, the Attorney General has sent us a letter promising to investigate Jefferson County, but more importantly do a broader state wide investigation on divorce cases and corruption of judges and lawyers.
I cannot name those involved nor can I comment on the details. I will post them as I that arrives, but you can also start focusing on the news every night.

Furthermore, we need everyone who has been affected by Domestic Relations (Divorce) court and believe laws, procedure and corruption affected your case to CALL the AG's Office NOW. It is very important that complaint's be made NOW. Now is the time to send letters and make calls to express your outrage at the lack of justice in your case. We have just cleared a major milestone with the FBI. On another note several Federal Lawsuits and civil suits have been filed against the judges and the State of Alabama in regards to the above info. Stay tuned to your news. I wish I could be more specific, but my info is limited, and is done this way for a reason.

In other words, even if you have already filed an ethics complaint against a local family court judge, now is the time to act further. Call, write, or preferably both, the office of Alabama Attorney General Troy King. Make your voice heard.

Corruption veiled in smiles and pseudo-wisdom is still corruption. Let's make sure it stops now.

What's up with this: It seem Shoals defense attorney Jeff Austin has filed so many motions in the Keith McGuire rape case that he's raised the ire of Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Terry Dempsey. I think that's how overkill got its name.