Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoals Healthy Marriage Coalition

The State of Alabama has the sixth highest divorce rate per capita in the country. Many blame Alabama's no-fault divorce laws for the soaring number of marriages that end in failure; others blame an educational system that fails to fit the average citizen with adequate emotional coping skills.

Whatever the reason for our high divorce rate, obviously no one is proud of it. Ask anyone if they're in favor of divorce, and see how many answer yes. In other words, the anti-divorce stance is just good politics.

Therefore, it's not surprising to find that Circuit Court Judge Jimmy Sandlin campaigned on lowering the divorce rate in Lauderdale County. One of the programs he initiated is the Shoals Healthy Marriage Coalition.

We think anyone who visits this site
will be impressed; however, we also hope that more than 50% of this program is just "blah-blah." Perhaps the good judge has been too busy with other activities to check out all of his own programs.

What's up with this: Former Central High School coach Greg Brewer will be paid his full salary through June. Isn't it time the citizens of Alabama take a stronger stand against sexual predators in our schools?