Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best of the Shoals Forum

Another new forum? Yes, and we think you'll like it. The newest forum in the Shoals area is Best of the Shoals, and the appellation fits. So, why is it best?

Obviously best is subjective, but BOS does offer some rather unusual and innovative categories. Has the downturn in the economy generated a vegetable garden in your backyard? Then BOS has a category for you. Like to write? You guessed it, BOS has a special place reserved for your literary efforts.

For those die hard news fans, there's a traditional news category, but BOS is more concerned with helping its members grow and reach their full potential than it is about debate. Oh, did I mention humor? Obviously, you'll find quite a bit of it also:

Shoals Radio: While one of our polls indicated few readers get daily news via the radio, we would like to hear from those who do. E-mail us with the station call letters and the type of news reports featured on the station. Thanks.