Friday, March 6, 2009

Questions? Answers!

Question: (Sent to E.T.) I need to contact Shoalanda and I can't find her e-mail address. Help?
Answer: We apologize that it's been hard to find. Look to the left of the blog in the section labeled "Contact Us."

Question: You listed the address for Halt. Contacting them doesn't do any good when you need to file an ethics complaint. Can you publish the correct address?
Answer: The link to Halt listed the information at the bottom of their first page (for ethics complaints against judges only); here is the address:

Judicial Inquiry Committee
Post Office Box 303400
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3400

Question: Is there an easy way to copy and send your blogs? My touch pad mouse isn't very handy with cut and paste.
Answer: If you would like to send the entire column, complete with graphics, find the column in the index, click on it, then print. If you wish to just e-mail the column, you may click on the envelope icon at the bottom of each blog. You will need a Google account to utilize this feature.

Question: I tried to leave a comment about Jimmy Sandlin on the Courthouse Forum and couldn't find a way to do it. Any ideas?
Answer: You first have to complete the survey form in order to leave a comment. We have also linked both the Alabama forum and the completed comments on Lauderdale Family Court to the left of this blog.

Question: What's the new blog Shoals Crime supposed to be?
Answer: Shoals Crime will include past columns on local crime as well as new articles about older Shoals crimes. Today we are reprinting the column on the Chris Stanback murder, since it was featured in Friday's TimesDaily. The Shoals Crime blog is also linked at left.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions and ideas for articles.

Thanks, SS