Thursday, July 21, 2016

Let's Find McKayla!

McKayla Nicole Slater, 13, has been missing for approximately 32 hours. Judging by her social media, McKayla was part typical young teenager and part troubled child.

Those who came in contact with her may have believed her to be older. She commented on working long days and posted photos of herself making obscene gestures. The young Caucasian girl also called herself a “n***a” and posted a photo of a bearded and balding non-Caucasian male whom she called her aunt. These posts may be inside jokes or they could be symptomatic of something more sinister.

Did she leave her rural Franklin County home to meet a man? Her family has found her bicycle by the roadside and spoken to a man who claims to have given the girl a ride to a trailer park where no one can remember seeing her.

We can understand how worried her family must be given the circumstances of her disappearance. Someone has to have noticed a young girl traveling by herself. If anyone has any information, no matter how small or seemingly trivial, please call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.


It would seem that Terry McMinn has dropped out of the Muscle Shoals city council race. We applaud Mr. McMinn in doing the honorable thing.


Don’t forget the Blue Light Vigil Saturday night in Leighton. There will be many present in spirit who aren’t able to attend in body. You don’t have to wait for Saturday night to tell local police officers that you appreciate them. They, like all of us, need a little extra encouragement from time to time.

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