Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lauderdale Detention Center: Drugs in the Bible

Jails with little security are prone to the introduction of contraband. Remember when J.J. Common set fire to his cell in the Colbert County Jail? The inimitable J.J. was angry when his then girlfriend was caught bringing him drugs, cell phones, and shoes to sell – Yes, shoes!

We’ve blogged before on the security at the Lauderdale County Detention Center. It was almost a given that much of the alleged contraband came from so-called corrections officers. Now, one has been arrested for his part in smuggling drugs and more into the detention center.

We had previously expressed our doubt as to Holland Elkins having a cell phone with which to access Facebook, but hollowed out Bibles are capable of holding a great deal…although perhaps not shoes.

No, we had envisioned unscrupulous jailers periodically ferrying a few pills in their pockets sent by misguided girlfriends and family. (And of course, the equally unscrupulous defense attorney if charges concerning Chip Dillard are true.) Apparently the drug smuggling is being done on a much larger scale than we surmised.

Was Kenneth Lee Lawson the only guilty guard involved in this scheme? We await more arrests.


Our friend H.D. has placed his life and taste buds at great risk to again venture to Logan’s Roadhouse in Muscle Shoals:


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