Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's Not Nice to Try to Fool Mother Shoalanda

It seems to be a local phenomenon that no one in the Shoals is ever actually arrested even though their names appear in legal documents. Or perhaps they’ve actually been arrested for a much lesser charge than is reported in the media. At least that is what many family members and friends would have us believe. Some even accuse the media of intentionally lying for whatever perverse reason.

Such was the case earlier this week when our blog linked an article on the latest arrest of Holland Noah Elkins. Here’s the original article:

As soon as we linked the article, the mother of Elkins’ girlfriend/baby mama posted this on our Facebook page. From Ms. M.:

Actually it's on a traffic ticket in case you want the real truth!!! Lol, get it right before you post it.

An interesting remark since all this blog did was post a link; yet what was untrue? Being given to debate, we couldn’t resist pointing out that county traffic tickets are adjudicated in District Court, not Circuit Court, and suggest Elkins’ most recent arrest was in connection with his December 2015 felony domestic violence arrest. Enter the baby mama Ms. K. who posted:

I am the only person who was there other than Holland and nobody seen or heard anything because there was nothing to see or be heard. Holland has never put a finger on me in any harmful way in our relationship of almost 3 years now. He's a wonderful Daddy and man.


yes the circuit court warrant is traffic tickets but you should know the district court warrant since you already know so much. (We’re not even sure what this statement means.)

We’re not going to repost all of Ms. K’s remarks, but to put it concisely, she accused the Florence police of setting Elkins up. Interesting if true, but we sincerely doubt it.

So what do the court records say? Here it is by the numbers.

1. Holland Noah Elkins was previously convicted in 2012 of two felonies: a violent home invasion and bank robbery. He was given a 20 year sentence with 36 months to serve, followed by 5 years probation.

2. On December 7, 2015, Elkins failed to report for a regular meeting and drug test with his probation officer. He did not call, and the officer was unable to contact him.

3. On December 23, 2015, Elkins visited Ms. K., and an argument ensued. According to police reports, Elkins began to strangle his victim by pushing her against the wall of a stairwell with one hand while throttling her with his other. He continued to choke the young woman until they reached the bottom of the stairs where he then threw her to the ground and continued to choke her.

4. Police were called to the scene on Mars Hill Road and found the victim disheveled and bruised. When they asked her if she needed medical attention, she replied in the affirmative and was taken to the emergency department of ECM Hospital. Her medical records will be part of the case against Elkins.

5. On March 3rd, Circuit Court Judge Gil Self issued a warrant for Elkins’ arrest due to his first probation violation.

6. Elkins’ felony domestic violence case was referred to the grand jury on May 9th and a second warrant for his arrest was issued on May 11th.

7. Elkins was picked up by authorities on May 12th and remains in the Lauderdale County Detention Center without bond.

8. We may infer that Elkins’ victim will not testify against him since the felony domestic violence charge is at least his third violent charge. If he should be convicted as a habitual offender, Elkins could expect a life sentence, possibly even life without parole. Obviously it’s not in his victim’s financial interest to see him sent back to prison.

So there we have the official court record on Holland Noah Elkins’ current legal problems. Is there a traffic ticket as well? Our source didn’t find one, but stated there could possibly be some charge in Florence Municipal Court that wouldn’t show up on state records.

Will Judge Self revoke Elkins’ probation and send him back to that luxurious resort system down south before his trial on First Degree Domestic Violence? We’re not making any predictions on that, but anticipate Elkins’ attorney will ask for drug treatment instead.


  1. Seem to recall that Elkins had a robbery you didn't mention, but gun was involved. He may have gotten youthful offender, but wouldn't two violent crimes after that cancel YO out? Now he's back on drugs and violent again. What does it take to send him away for good or will his money keep him out this time?

  2. We failed to add that Elkins' probation revocation hearing is July 14th. Since he hasn't been allowed any release this time, we think there's a good chance he'll be sent back to prison. Very sad.

    But you are absolutely right. If he has a youthful offender conviction, the court will also use that to send him away.