Sunday, May 1, 2016

Updates on Jungle Safari & Bryan Robinson

We received several comments on our Jungle Safari blog that were unpublishable due to language. Anyone whose comment we didn’t publish, please feel free to resend without the profanity. As of today, here’s the status of yesterday’s events.

* A Jungle Safari employee was arrested and remains in the Florence Detention Center. There is no mugshot for Darryl V. Raymond Jr. due to problems with the booking camera at the detention center.

* Reports indicate the manager of Jungle Safari assisted in Raymond’s arrest. The traveling petting zoo left Florence yesterday for Birmingham.

* There were some reports of a second employee acting suspiciously, but no official complaints were filed. We’ll add that such traveling shows are prime targets for pickpockets. While we can’t compare monetary crimes with sexual abuse, no one wants to have one’s wallet lifted. Exercise caution at all times.

* Jungle Safari has been the focus of animal abuse allegations before. We hope this puts an end to such attractions in Florence and the Shoals. Many local farms present animals in a natural setting in the spring and fall, charging only a small fee for admission. We recommend supporting these endeavors. You may not see lions and tigers, but you won’t be seeing abused animals either.

* The father who was questioned by Florence Police was not arrested, but was released at the scene. If any other parents are aware of abuse, please report it to the FPD and One Place of the Shoals.


We had some reader questions about Bryan Robinson of DreamVision fame. Here’s a chronological recap/update of his legal status.

* Pre-DreamVision, Robinson has two monetary judgments against his companies due to non-payment of rent in Colbert County.

* As recently as last September, Robinson restructured his current company and promised there would be an announcement by December 31, 2015, concerning land purchases for DreamVision in Colbert County.

* Robinson is the focus of a state securities commission investigation. The commission has sent Robinson a cease and desist order in connection with the sale of securities/stocks in the state.

* Robinson is the defendant in three local lawsuits. One suit is seeking back rent from the financier in connection with his most recent offices in the Greater Alabama building in Florence. A second suit is in connection with legal commitments related to a Dollywood light show which Robinson failed to keep.

* The third lawsuit in Lauderdale County against Bryan Robinson was brought by a local businessman, one of three who claim they were defrauded by the Killen investment counselor in a Huntsville property flip scheme. Robinson did not appear in court last week to answer charges and Judge Mike Jones ruled in favor of the plaintiff, awarding him 287K. Two others, reportedly brothers, who invested in the same property deal, have not to our knowledge filed suit.

* Sources have indicated there will be further criminal charges filed against Robinson in connection with the 600K total lost in the Huntsville housing scheme.

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