Friday, May 6, 2016

Clo Stoner's Friend on Mark Montgomery's Plea

A long time friend of Clo Stoner sent us her thoughts on yesterday's plea deal that allowed Mark Montgomery to avoid the death penalty:

Oh, God help me! I was so afraid of this. We KNEW the SOB was guilty. AL isn't LA (OJ Simpson) or Pinellas County FL (Casey Anthony).

You see, now I'll never know what happened that day and I'll imagine 1001 things and always wonder and picture it: Who was shot first? How long between killings? DID SHE KNOW? DID SHE KNOW??? We'll never ever know whether they fought or there were drugs and booze or not or on who's part.

Now, I'll never know what happened that day. I'll never know if Clo was happy, or if she was unaware, or if they were fighting or if a 3rd person was involved in an altercation.

I'll never know if she was shot first or second, if she knew what was about to happen. If she had time to plead for her life, or start to run, or maybe even protect the dog, who may have been killed first.

I have waited and waited and waited for over 2 years to hear him tell his story of what happened that day and how and well, there is NO WHY. But, SOMETHING.

Now, nothing. No closure because we've ALWAYS known who did it. This is not what I thought would happen.

I'm sorry I can't put sentences together cogently right now.

I miss my friend so much. WHY did this happen to her? She was smart. She was educated. She was alone most of her life after her husband died.

And the DA had the NERVE to say this is a double death penalty case.

IS this a victory, Shoalanda? I am crying too hard to see. Is this any kind of justice when we still do not know what happened in that house and will never know? I KNEW he would get LWOP at the least. His own sister and mother were the ones who called 911. Jeez, where is the victory? Where is the relief?
Where is the FINALITY? There is none.

Sorry scum bastard was really a tough dude, wasn't he? Shot his very sweet, funny, smart, probably " keeping him up" girlfriend, my Clo, and his brother's gf, and an innocent little dog and he will have a TV, and books, and gain privileges, and never have to worry about being too cold or hungry or too hot or paying bills or anything at all for the rest of his PATHETIC LITTLE PILE OF A LIFE.

I don't understand why I am so hurt and angry but I am boatloads of BOTH. So, he saved the stupid state some money. The Montgomery family can now be martyrs.

And Clo, who will mourn for her? Who will go to her grave, IF there even is one? What about Joanne's friends and family, too? I bet they want to know what really happened if it's possible he could have ever told the truth.

Shoalanda, once he's settled in whatever prison they put him in, if you have the fortitude and the credentials to get in, PLEASE go and interview him and see if he will tell just some of it. I swear to you that I would if I could in any way but I have no press or writing credentials at all. And I'm not family. She only had some cousins, and maybe her mother in law in Huntsville.

I'm sorry this probably makes no sense but it is a shock to me. I just wanted to know what happened and how it happened, before it escalated to double murders and a little dog being shot to death too.

That horrible horrible COWARD. I hate him more than there are words, or thoughts or tears in my body.

Love you, and thank you for telling me. Help me feel differently about this if you can. Violent crime has never touched anyone I loved before now. Prison is too good for him. Way too good.


Can we help Clo's friend feel differently? Probably not, at least yet. Will anyone ever interview Montgomery? It certainly won't be anyone from this blog--we're all commentators, not journalists. It's our opinion that Montgomery would enjoy nothing better than any limelight such an interview would give him.

Finally, was a plea the best outcome? At least it was certain. Viable insanity defenses are rare in this state, but there's always the possibility that Montgomery could have won some sort of eventual freedom at some point if his case had gone to trial. Think Ron Wikkid Weems who will be eligible for parole at some point.

Once again, our sincerest sympathies to the families and friends of Montgomery's victims.


  1. I feel so bad for Clo's friend. There are no words that will help her with closure. I can understand how she feels but the monster that murdered my mother had a trial and I never knew if he was telling the truth or lying. A person capable of murder is definitely capable of lying. The monster got life WITH parole. Facing that monster and his family in parole hearings was a recurring nightmare until he finally died in prison. Count your blessings that he will never be in society again. Again, my story doesn't offer closure but maybe it will help her feel a little better about the plea deal. My thoughts and prayers to all who loved Clo.

    1. We're so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing with us on such a sensitive matter; we hope each one of our readers touched by violence may find a measure of peace.

  2. I'm so sorry for all who have lost friends, relatives, and other loved ones to violence, whether murder by a stranger or in a domestic dispute, or maybe a murder still unsolved and unknown. I know that type of loss without any closure at all must be unbearably hard.

    Alexandra, thank you for your kind words. We are all in this world together to love and help one another. You have helped me, and I wish so much I could help you. The only thing I know to say is that you did the exactly right thing by making yourself go to the parole hearings for your mother's killer. I can't imagine how hard that would be, year after year, and have to read a statement in front of him. I pray that God will bless you and give you comfort in His special ways. Look for signs from your mother. Something special and happy which you shared, something unexpected and unexplained... Perhaps small, but they will be there. Remembrances of her from above. Trust me and just look at the world around you- there will be her favorite song, maybe a butterfly or other small wild creature she loved, even a ladybug will light on you. Things only you and she knew and shared.

    I pray for you all, and for personal peace.
    I've tried to think what Clo would say about the verdict if I were the victim and she was alive. I think she'd be as pragmatic as she always was and say something like " He had no life to begin with and he surely hasn't got one now or in the future. Nothing will bring her back. You have to separate love for a friend who wouldn't come back to life even if he was executed tomorrow from him saying he is guilty. Now, we know he will spend the rest of his life without any other nice lady's love, without his golf games, without fast cars, and hunting and all his drinking and chasing women."

    "We have to forget about him so we can fully remember her."

    That's what Clo Ann Stoner would say, in her own way of saying it. She always told it like it was and believed what she said.