Saturday, May 7, 2016

Parole: Let's Learn from Tennessee/Exciting News!

The word parole has different connotations for different people. Let's be clear that the type of parole we're discussing today is for violent offenders only--usually murderers. In the state of Alabama, a felon not granted parole may be put off for five years before his/her next hearing. In the state of Tennessee, that period between parole consideration dates was six years. As of this week, that term has been lengthened to 10 years.

We realize our state legislature has important work to do each session. How has our state survived so long without a state dessert? If that august body in Montgomery really wanted to do something to help the entire state, passing a law similar to Tennessee's would be a great start.


When over seven years ago we began our blog, our first goal was to reach 25 readers a day. We did just that within a few days, then set our goal to 50. Two weeks later we were hovering between 50 and 100, where we lingered for a few weeks. Then one day we checked our stats and found we'd reached over 500; what had happened?

The "what" was a link in the Shoals Insider, the area's first online news source. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the owner delegated the oversight of SI to others, where it stagnated. We considered the SI effectively dead; three other area news sites then came into being--all different and  all worthwhile. End of story? Not quite. Last fall, the owner of the Shoals Insider returned to the helm of that publication and has been working tirelessly to bring it back to the forefront of Shoals news.

For some time, we've had an advertising compact with Pen-N-Sword; we're now adding the Shoals Insider to that line-up. Check out our advertising rates and packages at: (256) 394-2998.

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