Monday, May 16, 2016

Police Officers' Memorial Day/Life Without? We Doubt It

From the website:

National Peace Officers Memorial Day falls on Sunday, May 15 in 2016. Because National Police Week takes place during the calendar week on which May 15 falls, this year's official NPW dates are Sunday, May 15, 2016 through Saturday, May 21, 2016.


Bobby Inman of Sheffield had contacted us about writing an article on this week's memorial activities; however, he has been ill. From Bobby's family:

Bobby did go to the hospital for an episode of 3 seizures. That combined with the stomach virus he has left him dehydrated and weak. He was later released from the hospital. I think this time he understands he's not as young as be used to be...he has to take this serious and do something about it. We would like to thank Sheffield Police, Sheffield Fire & Keller Ambulance for taking care of him tonight. Hammer Down Gun & Pawn will continue operating with Martha Sue, Anthony Davis, Drew Sebelski, Travis Bennett & myself while Bobby recuperates. Thank you. Paige

Best wishes to Bobby for a speedy recovery.


From a reader: You missed the point about why Holland Elkins' victim is defending him. He has at least two previous convictions for violent crimes. If he's convicted of felony abuse (strangulation), he could get life without.

Since we strongly doubt Elkins' victim will testify against him (the Florence Police set him up according to her), we doubt that he'll be convicted.

Ladies, there's no need to stay in an abusive relationship, but we're sure there are cocker spaniels out there paying more attention to that admonition than those for whom it's written.

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