Friday, May 13, 2016

Restroom Attendants? No. Zoo Keepers? Yes.

Our state leaders now want restroom attendants in public school unisex restrooms. How much this would cost is anyone’s guess. Perhaps teachers already banned from the classroom could be utilized to keep down the costs?


Apparently what schools today need are not just bathroom attendants, but zoo keepers. Below is a photo currently making the rounds of a so-called prank at Curry High School in Jasper (Walker County). 

Let’s see…first the climbing rope was made into a noose, but no one noticed? Then two students pose that now infamous pose, but no one noticed? That’s not to mention a third student openly used his phone/camera during school hours (policies differ at various schools, but we’re betting this violated school policy), but no one noticed? Then someone, probably the one who took the snap, put it on social media thinking no one from the Walker County School System would notice? Well, they hadn’t noticed anything up until now, had they?

Now three kids are in hot water, and the mother of one is stating it was just a learning experience for the youths. Just a radical idea here, but isn’t it better if kids learn how to behave at home first?

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