Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tom Brokaw: Alabama Doesn't Need You

In case you missed it, this is what former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw said earlier today at Ole Miss' graduation:

“I’m so relieved to be speaking to a graduating class at Ole Miss. If I were speaking at Alabama, I would have to use smaller words and shorter sentences.”

Perhaps Brokaw has been taking lessons in stand-up from PresBO? No matter the rationale for Brokaw's attack on this state, we have a few words for him--some of which might even have more than one syllable.

Brokaw has cancer and has presumably been undergoing chemotherapy. He spoke today at the graduation exercises wearing a baseball cap, we say a baseball cap! We're also sure that someone with Brokaw's money could afford an attractive wig...yet he didn't seem to think Ole Miss' graduation deserved that much respect.

Does Brokaw respect anyone?


We had thought the August mayoral race to watch would be Florence; however, Tuscumbia's election is shaping up to be interesting. Stay tuned...

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