Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strategic Undoing/Dillard is Baffled?

Here is a little ditty I call, "Strategic UnDoing". In the land of wasteful spending in Florence tourism three expensive decisions are doing nothing.

 #1 - Strategic Doing, whatever that means. Right now it means nothing because there is no evidence of anything being done. Tourism Board member David Muhlendorf led the push for tourism to hire a Ms. Faden or similar name to conduct a tourism strategic doing session. It didn't work and nothing else has been said or done about it. Seems that board needs to take private lessons on over consulting. You can plan, to plan, to plan and do nothing.

Rob Gets Down as Only a Canadian White Boy Can Do

#2 - With much fanfare and hoopla the Branding study push was on by Mr. BBQ Rob. Then nothing... Someone should tell him there already is a show about nothing. Interesting that one of the first things Canadian Rob did was to take down videos of the riveting board meeting at the end of 2014. It was painful to watch for the community but it shows the board actually doing something. 

#3 - An attorney at every meeting and on retainer. Now that the board is doing nothing why do they have to have a lawyer to watch? Guess they are afraid they might end up doing something potentially bad again and end up in the legal hot water they seemingly avoided when Debbie Wilson divorced from them. Something is not always better than nothing but we think the community deserves better.

Signed: A Reader with at Least an Ounce of Common Sense


During his initial court appearance on human trafficking charges, Florence attorney Edward Ray “Chip” Dillard said he was baffled by the charges. Really? It seems that Dillard, while he may claim to be baffled, had anticipated at least some kind of arrest and had Athens attorney John Totten on standby.

It’s been alleged that as much as four weeks ago, Dillard’s cell phone was seized in connection with an investigation into contraband smuggling at the Lauderdale Detention Center. While no arrests have been made in that investigation, the odds are that a charge related to drug smuggling will be added at a later date.

Others to be arrested? It’s surprising the names that have come up in various communications sent to us. Yes, we predict at least one more arrest is a 99% possibility. More than one? If we had to guess one way or the other, we’d guess in the affirmative.


Anyone else see the humor that our dermatologist governor is smart enough to use burner phones to carry on an immoral relationship, but not a juris doctor carrying on an illegal drug smuggling operation?

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