Sunday, May 29, 2016

No Girl Under 16/Brooks Grads Vandalism

A news story concerning one of Chip Dillard’s alleged victims has been making the rounds, but it is true? (We partially based yesterday’s blog on the article.) The account of one of Dillard’s victims being under the age of 16 apparently originated in an article which stated:

The sex abuse charge involves Dillard subjecting one of the victims – who was younger than 16 years old – to sexual contact. Because of her age, she was legally unable to consent.

However, this is not what the actual indictment states. While we have not yet seen a copy of the entire indictment, an attorney with local connections has provided us with a photograph of the section in question:

It would seem that the woman involved, one L.S., was not under 16, but under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. While interesting, this charge might be one of the hardest to prove in court. If the victim was so impaired as to be physically unable to resist the sexual contact, how does she have an accurate recollection of the event? Of course, there may have been a witness to the sex abuse; authorities do say the whole case against Dillard and Timothy Wylie Staggs is a slam dunk.


Thought for the day: While it's true that many police investigations are comparable to fishing expeditions, one should remember that those "gone fishin'" can usually catch something when directed to the likeliest spot on the bank.


Every year at this time, we read of high school seniors who vandalize various school facilities as some right of passage. Often the destruction is costly; always it is in bad taste and doesn’t speak very highly of their intelligence.

A reader has sent us photographs of recent vandalism at... 

We are removing the pictures in question so that no one loses their job. Our schools are in a sad state: nepotism, student-teacher sex, fights, sex clubs, blackmail. Any of our readers think this should be the status quo?

...Our reader was concerned that the students involved are not being held accountable. We have no idea if they are or aren’t. We can definitely say they are poor representatives of their school, community, parents, and church (if they have one).

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