Friday, May 27, 2016

Final History Exam?/Sex in the Courtroom

School days, school days, Dear old Golden Rule days:

Up in the mornin' and out to school,
The teacher is teachin' the Golden Rule.
American History and Practical Math,
Studyin' hard and hopin' to pass.
And workin' your fingers right down to the bone,
The guy behind you won't leave you alone.
Ring, ring goes the bell,
The cook in the lunchroom ready to sell.
You're lucky if you can find a seat,
You're fortunate if you have time to eat.
Back in the classroom open your books,
The teacher don't know how mean she looks.....

Remember that song? Have things changed much since you old timers sang that song and dreaded “THE test”? The FINAL EXAM? The ONE test that revealed how much you learned throughout the year, the big kahuna, the big “do or die” test, the one you burned midnight oil, study groups, prayed, stressed and hoped for just a little understanding from the teacher on essay questions? Hoping, just hoping, your grade would pass the parent test.

Now, you are the parent. You’re still praying and stressing over “the test” just as your parents did, and hoping, just hoping your kid’s grades reaffirm what they told you all year about their hard work. You just have to believe one day little Johnny and little Susie are going to do great things and compete against the best of the best to win those high paying jobs as a result of that high level of instruction! Have things REALLY changed? You became your parent, and it’s just a cycle of life? Really? You might be surprised.


Interesting Facts about the U.S. Presidents. Name the president who.....

“would often skinny dip in the Potomac River”

“taught his parrot how to cuss......”

“was also a licensed bartender.....”

“was noticeably drunk during the inauguration....”

“did not have a college degree”

“in one poker game, he bet the White House china collection and lost it all in one hand”

“was legal guardian to a girl he later married.....”

“was a member of the KKK...:

“most likely had more affairs of any president”

“was the first mixed president”

Would your sweet little elementary student have to study much for that final test? Yes, your elementary student could have memorized those fun facts and probably made 100. Or, your high school child could have taken that as a FINAL EXAM in history class with a 20 minute open page test. But to make it really hard on them, if they didn’t find those answers in 20 minutes, then their memorization skills had to kick in to complete the rest of the test.

Thank goodness for RIGOR and PREPARATION for college. This level of preparation might explain the huge drop out rates after one year of post secondary education.

Does this happen in 2016? YES... Final Exam 2016 in a MSCS history class taught by a coach. This might account for the “high” graduation rate at MSCS.


Leslie M. Shoals


Take a deep breath. There's plenty of time for the latest Shoals scandal. It will be around for some months to come.


Sex in the Courtroom - Part I

I cast the net looking for information on local attorneys soliciting sex in exchange for legal services. While we know that Donald Tipper is no stranger to this practice, it's very clear that it is common. One of the two recently indicted have begun to sing a song about some of their colleagues.

It seems the local sex trade amongst the Shoals elite runs a bit deeper. Here is what I know as of right now. Gil Self was interviewed by the FBI for two hours yesterday. Carole Medley is being called as a states witness. Question is, how long did these judges know of human trafficking and sexual abuse?


Mr. Black has written an excellent article, but you're seeing only the first part now. Translation: the second part was too hot to handle, at least until more information is gathered.

You'll note that it was the FBI questioning jurists earlier this week--not Luther Strange's office. We'll also add that it's the job of attorneys to seek lower sentences for their clients and that district court doesn't handle cases of a more serious nature. We doubt that Judge Medley has much inside info into what may...or may not...have been going on in the Lauderdale Court System as far as "human trafficking." We have verified that she and Judge Self are on a witness list expected to testify against at least one local attorney.

We don't think this is a problem unique to this area. Neither do we think most of the women involved were unwilling to enter into these type deals with local attorneys. 

As for Mr. Dillard, he has provided this blog with information from time to time. If the charges against him should prove true, we will be extremely disappointed, but there should never be room for sexual abuse of any kind in our society.

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