Wednesday, May 25, 2016

John Pilati Update

From an informed reader:

(John Frederick) Pilati's reinstatement (to the Alabama bar) was denied. I heard from a reliable source that six FBI agents showed up to testify against him. I don't think the transcripts are available to the public, but if so, I bet they are interesting. 

From what I understand, he can petition every year for reinstatement, but it will now be harder due to the first denial on file and all of the opposition that was logged. And I believe he has to prove that he is worthy instead of them proving he is not. His first shot was his best chance. I don't think he was expecting as much opposition as he received.

We expect to have more on this later.



(I'm) obtaining tons of reports on life after kratom in Alabama. Countless people are being sent back to the doctor and dope house. Just as predicted. Many people who were using kratom as maintenance therapy have relapsed. God forbid people use a plant they can obtain cheaply or even grow. We know methadone and suboxone to be so safe and all.


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