Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What Would You Do?

You manage a small drug store that has just been purchased by the infamous “Pharma-Bro.” The new owner raises the cost of a month’s cancer treatment from $10.00 to $500.00; what do you do?

A. Sell the drug for $500.00, even though you think it’s immoral.

B. Sell the drug for $10.00, even though you’re technically stealing from your employer.

C. Quit your job and seek employment at a reputable drug retail outlet.

For most of us, the answer would be simple. We quit—thereby not offending our moral sensibilities or breaking the law. What about those who continue to sell the drug at the old price and then brag about how they’re flouting their employer’s policies?

Now substitute the name of this drug store manager with the name of Alabama’s Supreme Court Justice. 


Some past actions of Judge Roy Moore:

1. He called the state's first case of mad cow disease a plot to help pass an animal identification system.
2. He told his replacement Chief Justice Gorman Houston that he was going to hell.
3. He placed a granite monument depicting the Ten Commandments inside the state judicial building...complete with the wording "c. Roy Moore." (We're pretty sure God doesn't like plagiarism.)
4. He said in 2005 that homosexuality shouldn't be tolerated in Alabama. (We're not weighing in on the right or wrong of that particular orientation. We just want to be sure Moore doesn't decide to not tolerate them with gas chambers.)

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