Monday, May 9, 2016

Sheffield: A Law Unto Itself?

So the town of Sheffield turns a blind eye to illegal peddling at Town Plaza Shopping Center, but won’t similarly overlook sidewalk vending on Jackson Highway? Apparently the town council has told the owner of a dilapidated Jackson Highway business that she can’t sell illegally at the location she owns, but she can sell illegally at the shopping center on South Montgomery Avenue.

Did this wonderful advice come from Sheffield’s city attorney, or did the council just make it up as it went along?


Recent news reports concerning Dr. Leonides Santos of Russellville brought to mind much more serious complaints from a few years ago about Dr. Christopher Gay. Gay was practicing in Sheffield when he ran afoul of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

From the board’s March 2016 legal entries:

On Mar. 4, the Commission entered an Order reinstating the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Christopher P. Gay, DO, lic. no. DO.687, Anniston AL, and placing it on indefinite probation, subject to conditions.

Read More: Christopher Parker Gay


As for Dr. Santos, a reader sent us this:

Dr. Santos was a fantastic surgeon!!! He never ever told any family, patient, or staff that he "couldn't" operate on an emergency case. No matter whether it was a dissecting abdominal aneurysm, or a victim with multiple gunshot wounds in the ER, he did his damnedest to put them back together and heal them.

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