Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Let's Play "Is Your Teacher an Idiot?"/Florence Police

Idiot Savant: It’s a term one doesn’t hear that often anymore, presumably because it’s not P.C. Briefly, it means a person of little intelligence who has a gift in one area. Sometimes we’re reminded of the term when we see those who perform well in their jobs, but haven’t a clue about anything else going on in the world.

This past week a Lincoln County, Tennessee, teacher has been in the news for assigning her class a project in which they were to make crosses. The original assignment was probably for Easter and would have been a great idea…in 1956.

We haven’t taken a poll, but certainly most who write here are of the Christian faith. Without a doubt, we can say that Shoalanda herself is. So why a blog about the Lincoln County School System being targeted by the Freedom from Religion organization?

We can sum it up in just one sentence: If a teacher is allowed to assign a class a project to make crosses, a teacher is allowed to assign students a project to make Islamic symbols…or symbols representing the Church of Satan. It’s as simple as that. Do you want your children making such symbols in school? No, we didn’t think so.

And for those who don’t see the connection to the term idiot savant, we ask why teachers with at least a four year college degree in education don’t understand what the law is on that subject?


If you’ve read some comments on our Facebook site, you know that the Florence Police Department was recently accused of making up evidence against a person. Do we believe this accusation? What do you think?

We plan to have a blog ready on this complaint soon, but in the mean time, if any of our readers have encountered this alleged behavior, please contact us. We don’t expect to receive any, or at least many, anecdotes from citizens, but in the interest of fairness we are asking, especially if this has happened in the past five years or so. We are aware of rare incidents (a detective forging witness statements 20 year ago, for instance), but we support our police department and feel that such incidents are the exception to the rule.

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