Friday, May 20, 2016

Florence Mayoral Race

As it stands now, four candidates are running for the position of mayor of the Shoals' largest town:

1. Mickey Haddock - Incumbent, former license commissioner

2. Billy Ray Simpson - Activist, preacher, perennial candidate

3. Susan Goode - Florence businesswoman with strong backers

4. Steve Holt - Recently retired as head of Shoals Chamber of Commerce

With four candidates, and we may as well be honest here, three of them strong contenders, there is bound to be a runoff. We'll have more information on these candidates in the near future. We encourage them to send us their platforms, and we encourage readers to send us questions they would like the candidates to answer.


Florence District One City Council? This will be the council race to watch with several factors coming into play. Stay tuned.



Times Daily featured videos....

Coach Lindsey "......................................Underage drinking is on the decline so to speak, we're seeing more, uh, hearing about more drunk use......................

Did Coach Lindsey have a little slip of the truth and had to catch himself real quick?
Yes, Muscle Shoals, you do have a problem.

Leslie M. Shoals


Not enough evidence to prosecute or just good ol' boy cronyism? It seems an attorney who toils in Franklin County, but whose main office is in Marion, has borrowed a substantial amount of money from a client. The loan was unsecured, and the client has been described as "elderly."

Marion County authorities won't prosecute this attorney for any type of unscrupulous conduct aimed at an older client. Is there lack or evidence or something much more sinister?

Moral: Make sure any loan you make is secured with a promissory note.

(We may have more on this later.)

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