Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let's Play "Where's Rick Silanskas"

Since we recently did an update on Bryan Robinson, investment guru behind DreamVision, we decided to run down the company's head honcho Rick Silanskas. Guess what? He's now touring with his own stage show...of sorts.

Of course two dates, both at the same theatre, aren't much of a tour.  So why? Many individuals simply crave the limelight, but Silanskas does have some pretty impressive credentials, at least to hear him tell it, so he would be welcome at many charity functions if he performed for free. Yet Silanskas isn't performing for free--he's performing at a small dinner theatre in Florida. There's no need to click on the ticket icon; we already did, and tickets are 30.00 and 39.00. Wonder how many they've sold?


We couldn't help but notice that of all the songs Silanskas and his partner are performing, none of them is the DreamVision theme composed by Gary Baker. Maybe he'd take a special request?

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