Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dirty Pool/Politics/Parking Deck?

How much did the City of Florence pay for the recently completed parking study? The one surprising finding from the study is that a brightly painted parking deck will bring in more customers. Perhaps it will, but we have visions of the Sherwin-William Police arriving shortly after the new paint job is completed to issue the city with a citation for its use of neon green or orange.


We see that Chip Dillard is now housed in the Franklin County Detention Center. Ostensibly, he won’t now be meeting any of his former clients…or the boyfriends of the six women who are prepared to testify against him at his human trafficking trial.


We’ve had some questions about the current status of the Donald Tipper rape case. We’ll be having an update soon. You may also expect a related blog on the lack of morality in our city, county, state, and country. Then we expect to be called a sinner for pointing out this lack of moral scruples.


Elections? Qualifying has begun, and we see that our friend Sandra Killen Burroughs is running for mayor of Lexington. Sandra is new to the political game, and this is a plus. Check her out, and we’ll have more later.

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