Monday, August 1, 2016

Just Say No to David Cole

Tuscumbia is about to gain a new mayor. Will it be one who will lead the town forward and get things done…or will it be one who allows personal problems to rule his professional life? While we’re sure both Kerry Underwood and David Cole have good qualities to bring to the office of mayor, we’re also sure that one of these two men effectively lost the right to govern the town of Tuscumbia when he reportedly slugged a subordinate while on duty with the fire department.

Just say “NO” to David Cole…unless of course, you want a city government along the lines of Birmingham or Carbon Hill where mayor and council members make the news for all the wrong reasons.

Vote for Kerry Underwood on August 23rd.


We doubt that any of our regular readers are heroin addicts, but perhaps some have addicts in their families. It’s only been about three years or so since four or five Shoals citizens lost their lives to some “bad heroin” that had made its way here. Now we hear that more suspect heroin has arrived in this area.

A substance being sold as “white heroin” contains a large amount of a fentanyl derivative and is extremely dangerous…and it’s being sold in the Shoals. That’s all we’ve been told, but it’s enough to sound the alarm. If you have a family member with this addiction, there are agencies which can help. Consult your physician and good luck.

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