Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fourth Anniversary of Mr. Elbert Davis' Murder

It has now been four years since Mr. Elbert Farley Davis was attacked in his own home. From an earlier blog:

In August 2012, Mr. Elbert Farley Davis Jr. was found unconscious in his Tuscumbia home; he died a short while later of his injuries. We don't think Mr. Davis' attacker originally intended to murder the 88 year-old WWII veteran. Mr. Davis' home was the target for some thug who wanted quick cash and some drugs in the mix to boot.

There's currently a five thousand dollar reward offered for information in this murder. Yes, the thug will be charged with Capital Murder since Mr. Davis died in connection with a robbery. That's a lot of money. Someone knows something.

Mr. Davis was truly an innocent victim. He wasn't a drug dealer, drug user, abuser, adulterer, or gambling kingpin. He simply got in the way of a burglary and paid the ultimate price. If you know something, say something.

Tuscumbia Police urge anyone with information about Elbert Davis’s murder to contact the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 256-386-8685.

We understand the reward is actually much more than $5,000.00. Reward or not, anyone with information should come forward to bring justice to the murderer and at least some closure to the family. This blog never has less than 3K readers a day, and 10K isn't unusual. We believe that someone reading this blog today knows something that will help Tuscumbia Police break this case. What if you die tomorrow and your information dies with you?

Think about it...and then do the right thing.

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