Friday, August 19, 2016

Return to Tuscumbia & Lexington

We've previously endorsed Sandra Killen-Burroughs for mayor of the uber small Lauderdale town of Lexington. We're also going with the gals for the two contested town council seats. Peggy McGee and Carla McGee are sure winners!


Tuscumbia? Similarly we've previously endorsed Kerry Underwood for mayor. The small Colbert County town has a number of council seats up for grabs. Choose wisely.

District 1 – Katherine Logan, Robert Polk: We endorse Katie Logan. She has what it takes!

District 2 – George Johnson, Geraldine Tompkins: No recommendation

District 3 – Dave Couch, William Foster, Tom McCormack: Dave Couch has the business acumen. A winner for everyone!

District 4 – Richard Coates, Paul Haley: Paul Haley.

District 5 – Mike Isom, Terry Willis: This election has already been decided since the Ethics Commission barred Terry Willis from running. Congrats, Mr. Isom!


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