Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lawyer Up/Roll Over/You Can Leave Your Hat On...

Lawyer Up! 

It may sound like a cutesy phrase, but if you’re ever accused of a criminal act, whether innocent or guilty, it’s the first thing you should do. Feel free to use these exact words:

While I assure you I’m totally innocent, I’m not giving you even my middle name without an attorney. No, I don’t have money for an attorney; therefore, I expect you to appoint me one. I also expect the attorney to be one experienced in criminal matters and not some real estate/patent lawyer you dragged out of the lobby where he/she was attempting to get an accident report.

That being said, why in the name of Lucrezia Borgia didn’t Erica Fox ask for an attorney before she made any statement to police? We don’t think anyone considers this woman intelligent, much less moral, but you can bet the first thing her attorney (unlucky person that may be) will do is to attempt to get her statement thrown out…and the attempt just might be successful.


Roll Over!

That will be next for Erica. She’ll avoid a Capital Murder conviction and be out in around 15 years. That’s unless Ronnie and his brother have some powerful voodoo up their sleeves to turn the tables on Erica. We doubt it, but it would be worth the price of admission to see them try.

Call it rolling, flipping, or turning state’s evidence, it’s a very popular pastime in the legal world. For those who enjoy watching this particular maneuver, we’re expecting to see quite a bit of it in the Chip Dillard/Tim Staggs trials come December, or whenever that riveting case does make it before a judge. In fact, there may just be a little of that going on this very week.


You can leave your hat on!

Some time ago we gave our first “Born in a Barn” award to an elected official who was pictured in the TD wearing his hat at an official function. We never heard from him, but were told his wife and mother thought it was hilarious and hoped it taught him a lesson.

Our second award was bumped and then overlooked, but it was presented to a local (actually national) celebrity with enough money to be able to forgo morals and manners. Our third? Unfortunately, in haste, we didn’t consider that the egregious offender wasn’t a pubic personage and for that we apologize.

However, the recipient of our award, over a week later, then left obscene remarks on all intervening posts…many of them from the Alabama Political Reporter, Pen-N-Sword, and the Shoals Insider. If this person had contacted us via e-mail and asked about the post, it would have taken five minutes or less for us to have decided it should be taken down.

Now? After his language to us as well as many innocent commenters who had no idea why they were the recipient of such language, we pretty much think he deserves the award. We’ve also been informed the man is a professional musician who’s using the post to increase his visibility. Let’s hope he has more musical talent than he has common sense. We do, in future, promise that any recipient of this award will be a public personage.

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