Sunday, August 28, 2016

Valerie Parkhurst/A Serpent's Tooth

We recently blogged on sex offender activist Derek Logue who some time ago named three people as being part of our blogging team or at least being associated with us in some manner. We discussed the Killen woman and briefly touched on the second, Valerie Parkhurst, who lived well outside the Shoals area.

As far as we know, Ms. Parkhurst never even commented on our blog, but suffice it to say, we’re positive she’s never written anything for us. Until today we assumed she was a blogger who championed tighter sex offender laws.

No, it seems Ms. Parkhurst, whom Logue insists on calling the “Valigator,” was a real estate agent in Florida. She came to the conclusion that if the law stated a realtor had to tell a client about a bad roof, the realtor should also inform prospective buyers of any sex offenders in the area. She was successful in helping enact this law in her state.

Ms. Parkhurst’s other claim to fame, the event that Logue constantly blogs on, was less noble, but hardly evil. As Parkhurst’s activism became known, she became the target of sex offenders. When one confronted her one day and she feared for her life, she drew her gun from her purse. The convicted sex offender had her arrested on some type of intimidation charge which was later dismissed.

Sadly, Ms. Parkhurst passed away July 27th. We assume she will no longer be the brunt of Logue’s misplaced hysteria.


How many of you want to move to New York City? That’s what we thought. One of our readers told us yesterday that we couldn’t make it there as she had done. No, according to AB, those left here are, as we understand her meaning, inferior.

The saddest part of this exchange is that we’ve known three generations of AB’s family, many of whom are still “left behind” here in Florence. Her family attempted to give her the best so that she can now live where she wishes.

Anyone have a serpent’s tooth icon?


If we didn’t live in Florence?

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