Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Blue Light Vigil, Bond, and the Tree

Blue Light Vigil, Bond, and the Tree
By: The Midnight Rider
Blue Light Vigil
We recently attended the Blue Light Vigil that was held at the Leighton Cowboy Church. It started at 8:30 that night. We got there a little early and got a good seat. Good thing we brought our lawn chairs. By the time the program started, the arena was pretty full. We were surrounded by police cars.
There were several speakers for that night. Some that we knew, some that we didn’t Sheriff Frank Williamson from the Colbert Sheriff’s Department started the program. Other Officers from different Agencies spoke on behalf of their Departments. After the speakers were finished, the Pastor of the Church read the names of the Officers killed in the Line of Duty this year.
I believe the total that night was 68 Officers killed since January, 2016. People, these people are out there protecting us. That number is unacceptable. These men and women have families that will no longer see them trying to help us. It was very sad to listen to.
Candles were lit, the Officers turned on their Blue Lights. We noticed several people crying. We got a little teary eyed. The Pastor then gave a prayer call for all in attendance. This is the first time that we have gone to this type of event. It was amazing and sad. Please support your local Law Enforcement Officers.


Bond, James Bond
Recently, we wrote an article about Hollywood not turning out anything new, just remakes and reboots. That night that it was published, we watched the James Bond movie Skyfall. It was okay. We are a James Bond fan but we are not a Daniel Craig fan. James Bond is a Cultural Icon that brought us Bond Girls, Omega Watches, the Walther PPK and Lotus Sports Cars.
So we started thinking. Who was the best Bond? We grew up in the Roger Moore era. My ranking is as follows:
My Rankings:
  1. Pierce Brosnan
  2. Timothy Dalton
  3. Roger Moore
  4. Sean Connery
  5. Daniel Craig
  6. George Lazenby
What do you think?

A Piece of Sheffield History?: The Famous Tree
Recently someone told us about a piece of Sheffield History that we were unaware of. We are sure there have been visitors from far away that have come to see this iconic piece of history. What is it, you ask? Does it have something to do with Music? Does it have something to do with downtown rebuilding? No, it is the Panty Tree. We bet you are scratching your head right now thinking “Rider, have you been drinking too much?” Alas, let me educate you.
The City of Sheffield has the Historical Railroad Bridge which is an attraction in itself. People use the bridge to walk to better their health. Great photos can be taken from the bridge. But now, the Rider has found out there is another use of the Bridge. At the end of the Bridge, you can see a tree with various panties hanging from it. What? Yes, it is true. We were told that it is a Rite of Passage to take your girlfriend/boyfriend to the bridge and “Discuss World Politics” at night time without getting caught. Then the female is supposed to throw her panties on the tree to “seal the deal”.
We did not believe this myself, so we went and checked. We present to you Exhibit A:
C:\Users\Bobby\Pictures\Jess\076 (2).jpg
We wonder if this attraction will be placed on the City of Sheffield Website as places to visit?
Until next time…
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


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  1. Remember Tuscumbia has been aware of the tree for a few years when asked to get pictures of the bridge for a national registry application.
    We chose not to call attention to it. We have posted pictures of the shoe tree in Cherokee. Still trying to figure out that one.